How do you win funding from the Super Service Challenge?

1. Someone directly donates to your nonprofit through your video page.
2. Quarterly competition: For the quarterly competition, videos win funding for nonprofits based on the number of likes they receive. The more likes a video earns, the more money it wins from the Super Service Challenge. We do cap the total amount earned per nonprofit to equal $25,000 in a given quarter.

  • 25 Likes = $25 of Funding from the Super Service Challenge
  • 250 Likes = $150 of funding from the Super Service Challenge
  • 2,500 Likes = $1,400 of funding from the Super Service Challenge + a Golden Ticket

  • *A video may also earn a Golden Ticket if it receives $2,000 in donations and 500 likes, or more

3. Annual Grand Prize Competition: Any video with a golden ticket is eligible to win. This competition features a panel of judges who watch each of the golden ticket videos and decides on the winners. These prizes range in donations from $5,000 to $25,000 and include other unique opportunities with our Spokesperson, Drew Brees.

Do I need to register to participate?
Yes! New AND returning participants will need to re-register on the all-new platform. Company Challenge administrators will receive further instructions after registration on how to sign up volunteers within their organization.
Who can receive funding from the Super Service Challenge?
Any registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit is eligible to win funding.
Can I make a donation to a nonprofit?
Sure! Just hit the “donate now” button next to the video you’re viewing tied to a specific nonprofit. You can also donate by voting for your favorite videos of service. Votes will be counted at the end of each quarter, with winning nonprofits receiving funding.
Who can record a Super Service Challenge video?
Any two or more volunteers can record a story of service. Both volunteers do not have to appear in the video, but the featured volunteer must reference who they’re with and where they are serving.
Is there a limit to the size of my service group?
No, but the group must have at least two volunteers. The ideal size often depends on type of service project and nonprofit served.
How do I submit a video?
You can record and upload your videos via the Super Service Challenge app available through the iTunes App Store and Google Play store. You can also upload videos at
Does my video need to be tied to a nonprofit or company?
Yes! You must link to the corporate or nonprofit account to be eligible for funding.
Can I submit more than one video?
Yes! Volunteers can submit a video every time two or more people serve. However, a tip: quality will always win out over quantity. Put your best efforts into videos that capture not just the volunteerism, but the spirit of the organization.
What is the deadline for submitting videos?
All videos must be produced and uploaded to the Super Service Challenge website or app by the end of each quarter, which is June 30, September 30, and December 31.
Who has rights to the videos?
By submitting the video, you are giving the Super Service Challenge rights to host your videos on our website and to use the material for promotional purposes. However, you still have complete ownership of the videos.
When and how are the winners announced
Winners are announced quarterly and toward the end of January for the previous calendar year. Additionally, we contact winning nonprofits, companies and volunteers that served them to let them know they’ve earned a “golden ticket,” which includes an invite to attend a celebratory event.
Where does the money come from?
The Super Service Challenge is funded by the generosity of business leaders and other partners. Nonprofits can also use the “donate now” button for people to make direct donations alongside video voting.
How do vote counts determine funding?
Votes on videos of service mean funding directly from the Super Service Challenge. Here’s a breakdown of the counts: 25 votes = $25 in matching funds 250 votes = $125 2500 votes = $1250* * Videos receiving 2500 votes or videos with 500 votes that also at least $2000 earn a "golden ticket" for a chance at $5,000-$25,000 in funding.